2017 Solar Eclipse

News Updates:
Call Center Number 541-523-0014

8/20/2017 9:15 AM: The Baker County Sheriff’s Office has received several calls from citizens inquiring about the presence of the Oregon National Guard in Baker County. 
In preparation for the total solar eclipse and the anticipated increase in visitors and traffic, Baker County Emergency Management requested additional resources from the State of Oregon.  In response to this request, the Oregon National Guard arrived in Baker County on August 19, 2017 for humanitarian purposes such as distributing bottled water to travelers as well as providing them with information, lending aid during traffic accidents, and offering assistance with other events. 

8/19/17 1:30 PM: A haystack caught fire at 1:30 P.M. approximately 5 miles NW of Haines, no structures were threatened and resources were on scene. 

 Please check back frequently.
Also please check out the main Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Baker-County-Sheriffs-Office-1749889955273776/ 

Public Interactive Map: https://sartopo.com/m/L09Q

Wildfire Risk: The Malheur, Umatilla and Wallowa-Whitman National Forests are now at the peak of fire season. The fire danger rating is EXTREME across the three forests and Public Use Restrictions ban of campfires and chainsaw use are in effect. Forest officials ask the public to obey campfire restrictions and forest rules, avoid parking on or driving on dry grass, and be sure there are no chains dragging from vehicles. While this is a celebratory event, visitors must leave all fireworks at home if they are visiting public lands, because it is illegal to discharge or even possess fireworks on public lands. 
Most remote areas have limited services, facilities and wireless coverage. Please plan ahead and contact one of the national forest offices to make sure you have the latest information, know the regulations, and come prepared with the right supplies before heading into the forest. Office hours may vary by forest leading up to, and during the solar eclipse.