Information from Wallowa-Whitman National Forest:

Planning on camping during the total solar eclipse Monday? Here is a list of our campgrounds and their availability as of this morning (8/19/17):

Campgrounds Southwest of Baker City, Oregon off Highway 7
• Union Creek Campground – FULL
• Southwest Shore Campground – FULL
• Millers Lane Campground – FULL (it is really near capacity)
Campgrounds Northwest of Baker City
• Anthony Lakes Campground – OPEN
• Grande Ronde Lake Campground – OPEN
Campgrounds Southwest of Unity, Oregon
• Yellowpine Campground – FULL
• Wetmore Campground – FULL
• Oregon Campground – FULL
Campgrounds West of Unity, Oregon off Highway 26
• South Fork Campground – FULL
• Stevens Campground – FULL
Elk Creek Campground – FULL

(There are Forest Service check in stations around the County-the main one in front of the building in Baker City 1550 Dewey Ave)