Flags lining the driveway of the cemetery
Graves of the cemetery
Mausoleum of the the cemetery

In order to maintain the quality of the cemetery grounds, there is an annual cleanup in the spring. We ask that you remove all decorative items during this time. Please note that decorative items not removed from graves and headstones prior to the spring cleanup will be collected by the contractor. Collected items, other than perishable or deteriorated items, will be stored until claimed or until November of the same year. 

Purchasing Grave Space

When purchasing a grave space, it is necessary to also purchase the perpetual care for that grave space. Perpetual care is a one-time fee which covers the eternal maintenance of the grave space (not including headstone maintenance). Please contact Anita Boesch at (541) 524-2047 to schedule a time to meet with staff to go over your requests regarding the cemetery. If you know the specific area in which you would like to purchase a grave space but live out of town or are unable to come to City Hall, please contact Anita at (541) 524-2047 or via email at pwsupport@bakercity.gov.  

 Scheduling a Burial

A burial must be scheduled a minimum of two business days prior to the requested burial. To schedule a burial, please contact Anita Boesch at (541) 524-2047 or via email at pwsupport@bakercity.gov. You may also contact Jennifer Murphy at (541) 524-2046 or via email at pwtechadmin@bakercity.gov.  

 Installing a Headstone 

In 2010 a policy regarding placement of headstones (monuments) within the Mt. Hope Cemetery was established. Prior to a headstone being placed, modified, or removed from the Mt. Hope Cemetery, the headstone company or party requesting the work to be done must first submit (and have approved) a monument permit through the Public Works Department. The monument permit ensures that the proposed headstone (monument) will be located on the correct grave space, that it is an appropriate size for the grave space, and that it is an appropriate stone type (upright vs. flat stone) for the cemetery section it is proposed to be located within. Maintenance of headstones is the responsibility of the grave space owner and/or their family members. If you have specific questions regarding our requirements, please contact Jennifer Murphy at (541) 524-2046 or via email at pwtechadmin@bakercity.gov.

Burial Policy

Monument Placement Policy

Monument Permit

Upright Monuments Area