Sam-O-Swim Committee


Member Phone Email Term Expiration
Michelle Owen 541-524-2031 Staff
The Sam-0 Swim Center Committee shall meet at least quarterly each calendar year and may hold additional meetings as set by the commission. Sam-0 Swim Center Committee meetings are public meetings and require notice to the general public.
Agendas & Minutes
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The purpose of this committee is to act as strong advocates for the Sam-0 Swim Center, and work with in concert with the City Council as well as the city staff to ensure the Sam-0 Swim Center remains a viable asset to the community of Baker City and Baker County.

The Sam-0 Swim Center Committee shall consist of seven members to be appointed by the City Council of the City of Baker City. The commission shall consist of five members who shall be volunteers and have an interest or expertise in facilities maintenance.  These five members  of the committee shall reside within Baker City.  Additionally, the commission will consist of a non-voting City Council member and a non-voting City staff member to be appointed by City Council. The term of office for each volunteer member shall be three years.
Some duties include:
  • Act as strong advocates for the Sam-0-Swim Center;
  • Work with City staff to identify and prioritize facility maintenance projects at the center;
  • Recommend expenditures of funds for major facility improvements and equipment to the City Council for the continued maintenance and operation of the Sam-0 Swim Center;
  • Identify additional funding opportunities for the continued maintenance and operation of the Sam-0-Swim Center.