Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement helps enhance our community's livability and quality of life, improving the overall appearance and economic development of our city. Enforcement involves a wide spectrum of areas including:

•Parking enforcement: over time limits, vehicles parked on the parkway, vehicles parked illegally, and others

•Health and sanitation complaints: accumulation of household garbage visible to the public or anything causing a foul odor or public health issue

•Weed abatement

•"Junk Yards" within residential areas

•Zoning violations, working collaboratively with the Planning Department

•Bicycle, skateboard and roller-skate violations: no helmets, riding in prohibited areas, and traffic violations

 If you have any questions or concerns regarding Code Enforcement, please contact Baker County Dispatch at (541) 523-6415 / Option 0. 
 A dispatcher will contact an officer to address your question or concern. Thank you.