Investigation Unit

The community of Baker City is fortunate to harbor a very safe environment, free from many of the daily acts of violence that occur in larger communities and even in many smaller communities throughout our state and nation. However, that does not mean that we are completely void of violent acts, drug abuse or complicated fraud crimes.  

The department is structured to have two detectives supervised by a detective sergeant. This unit handles major crimes and complex cases that get passed from patrol officers. These can include homicides, complex death investigations, overdose deaths, sexual assault cases, burglaries, and financial crimes. Detectives are part of the Baker County Major Crime Team and work with partner agencies whenever called upon by the District Attorney's office.

These officers also make up the Unit of Baker County Narcotics Enforcement Team and work in partnership with other police agencies and drug task forces to address drug task forces to address drug and firearms trafficking and violent crime that is associated with narcotics use and sales.