Disaster Preparedness

Baker City Emergency Operations Plan available here.
In the event of a major disaster in our town, the Baker City Police Department and local agencies have an emergency plan and are prepared to evacuate the affected areas in the most efficient way.
The city is divided by evacuation zones and it is important that every citizen be aware of which zone they are located. 
 Click here to access the evacuation zones map. 
There are multiple ways to notify our community in the event of a disaster, necessitating an evacuation.
• City Siren (tested every Friday at noon)
• Local Radio Broadcast
• Reverse 9-1-1 (see below) 

Baker County launched an Emergency Public Notification System ("Reverse 9-1-1")
With funds received by a Homeland Security Public Safety Communications Interoperability Grant, Baker County implemented, an automated system for notifying the public of any incident or emergency which requires the public to take some action to protect themselves.
Examples of such incidents would include, but are not limited to: a hazardous materials leak requiring either "shelter in place" or an evacuation; a potential serious weather related emergency; potential flooding which might require residents to take action to protect themselves or their property; a police incident in a neighborhood which might require evacuation.
This system, named "CODE RED" will allow the Incident Commander to define the area(s) requiring notification and to determine the content of the notification the public will receive. Baker County 9-1-1 Dispatch will then activate the system which can call at the rate of 64,000 calls per hour. At that call rate the entire county can be notified in a matter of minutes. The notification area can consist of only a few homes on one block, a portion of a city, a region of the county (such as Keating Valley for example) or the entire county.
The call database consists of all residential and commercial landline (hardwired) telephone numbers in the Baker County master state 9-1-1 addressing group. INDIVIDUAL RESIDENTS, FAMILIES, AND BUSINESSES CAN ADD TO THAT DATA BASE AND WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT THEY DO SO. Cellular telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are examples of the information that can be added to the database. There is no charge for adding this information.
Adding cell phone numbers and email addresses will ensure that you will be notified if an incident occurs in your area. A rancher may be away from home when CODE RED is activated but if the rancher has his/her cell phone in possession the notification will still be received.


Click Here for Emergency Prep Guide