The Baker City Waste Water Treatment Facility is located at 42661 Imnaha Road, Baker City. The facility's primary 36" collection line for sanitary wastewater is located under Imnaha Road. In November of 2010, approximately 1.1 million gallons of raw waste water was received each day at the treatment facility. Average daily inflow at the treatment facility in August of 2010 was approximately 2,049,000 gallons of raw waste per day.
The treatment facility is comprised of four storage ponds. Pond A, which is approximately 68 acres in size, is where reclaimed water is initially stored at the facility. Once the reclaimed water in Pond A has gone through the necessary biological treatment process, it is released into Pond B, then Pond C and finally into Pond D. In each pond the reclaimed water continues to go through a biological treatment process. Ponds B, C and D are each approximately 10 acres in size. Once the reclaimed water has gone through the required treatment process, it is released into the Powder River which is adjacent to the facility. 
A variety of birds can be found at the facility. Local bird enthusiasts gather data at the facility on a regular basis. Interested? Contact Jennifer in the Public Works Department at (541) 524-2063 to get more information. 

Storm Sewer Systems
The city storm water collection system is designed to drain runoff water into natural waterways, including the Powder River and irrigation ditches. Water quality is important in these and all waterways.
Keep our Waterways Clean!
• Do not clean out paint trays or put any other chemicals into the gutter or into storm drains.
• Do not dump motor oil or other petroleum products into storm drains.
• City crews work hard to keep storm drain grates clear of leaves and other debris. If storm drain grates are obstructed runoff water may flood the street intersection near your home or office. Please call the Public Works Department during normal business days/hours at (541) 524-2047 during normal working hours/days – after hours you may call Baker County Dispatch at (541) 523-3644 to report the problem or clear it yourself if you are willing and able to do so.