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Job Interest Card

  1. Are you or someone you know interested in working for the City of Baker City? To be notified when certain job vacancies are posted, check the box next to each job type that you are interested in and click "submit". To unsubscribe from this list please email Thank you for considering the City of Baker City for employment!

  2. Accounts Receivable Specialist/Cashier

  3. Accounting Technician (Payroll)

  4. Billing/Accounts Receivable Specialist

  5. Finance Director

  6. Administrative Assistant

  7. Community Developer

  8. Information Technology

  9. City Recorder

  10. Human Resources

  11. City Manager

  12. Building Permit Technician

  13. Building Inspector/Official

  14. Firefighter/EMT/Paramedic

  15. Fire Lieutenant

  16. Fire Assistant Chief

  17. Fire Chief

  18. Police Officer

  19. Police Detective

  20. School Resource Officer

  21. Code Enforcement Officer

  22. Evidence Technician

  23. Police Admin Assistant

  24. Police Sergeant

  25. Police Lieutenant

  26. Police Chief

  27. Utility Worker

  28. Equipment Operator

  29. Engineering Technician

  30. Engineer

  31. Water Service/Plant Specialist

  32. Wastewater Service/Plant Specialist

  33. Mechanic

  34. Inventory Control Specialist

  35. Facilities Maintenance Specialist

  36. Technicial Admin Supervisor

  37. Public Works Director

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