Historic District Design Review Commission


Member Phone Email Term Expiration
Carol Phillips 541-403-0026 cphillips56@gmail.com January 2022
Gail Duman 541-519-7663 gduman@live.com January 2024
Teresa McQuisten 541-519-7671 teresamcquisten@gmail.com January 2024
Haley Hueckman 541-523-6541 hhueckman@yahoo.com January 2024
January 2020
January 2022
Esther Dew 541-523-4953 esther.dew@q.com January 2022
Kevin Berryman 541-524-2054 kberryman@bakercity.com Staff
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Grant Money for Historic District: Baker City Historic Design Review has access to two separate "grants".  One is the CLG Grant awarded periodically by the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), and the funding amounts vary.  The second grant is the Baker Incentive Grants for Downtown Economic and Aesthetic Livability (BIG DEAL).  

BIG DEAL Grant Application and Instructions


The Historic District Design Review Commission was created to promote the community participation in reviewing and approving applications submitted by the property owners wanting to alter structures within the Historic District. This commission consists of 7 members, 3-year terms.

Here is how the review process works for those who are constructing or renovating a building located in the Historic District:
  • Prior to applying for a building permit, or if none is needed, prior to commencing work, the applicant shall notify the city staff designee in writing on an application form provided by the City of the applicant's intent to construct, reconstruct, alter, remodel, paint, sandblast, repair or demolish the facade of any structure, new or existing, within the district. The application may be provided by mail, delivery, email or facsimile. Application will not be considered complete until all necessary attachments are submitted and the application fee has been paid.
  • Before work begins, the commission shall meet with the applicant and review the proposed work. Meetings shall be held at least once per month. This review shall be made according to such design criteria as may be adopted by the City Council by resolution. The commission shall complete this review and issue its decision and, if necessary, make recommendations as soon as practicable but not later than 30 days after the receipt of the completed initial written notice. If it should fail to do so, the application shall be deemed allowed.
  • If the commission finds that the work proposed is in compliance with such design criteria, then it shall issue to the applicant a certificate of such compliance. The applicant may then apply for a building permit or commence work if no such permit is needed.
  • If the commission does not find such compliance, it shall make such recommendations to the applicant as may be necessary to bring about such compliance with the design criteria. The applicant may appeal this decision to the City Council by filing a letter of appeal with the city staff designee within 30 days of the decision issued by the Commission. The decision made by the Council shall be considered final.
  • The Commission may provide further review assistance utilizing the design criteria if required by the applicant.
If you wish to address any issues related to this advisory board, please feel free to contact any of the members listed above or the Building Department at 541-524-2054.

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