Water/Wastewater Department

Baker City provides both water and wastewater services for its residents (age 18 and older). To sign up for new service come in to the Water Department at City Hall 1655 First Street or submit a Connect Order form.


Baker City may require a $100 deposit ($175 if you have been previously sent to collections) when you sign up for service. There is also a $30 nonrefundable set-up fee for all new service. Ordinance No. 3297, Section 53.22 references water deposits and establishing credit. The Water Department has the following additional polices for deposits:

Deposits (amount is set annually by resolution) are required for all new customers except for the following:

Homeowner's with proof of prior good payment history with another utility company and if applicable good payment history with the City; or
Direct pay customers.
If a deposit is not received at the time of application for service due to an oversight, error, or fraudulent information provided by the customer, the City may require a deposit at a later date if it comes to the City's attention that a deposit was due at the time of application for service. If a deposit is waived for a direct deposit customer and that customer fails to continue direct deposit they may be asked to pay a deposit at that time (to be determined on past payment history). From time to time at the City's discretion and with a history of delinquent payments a customer may be asked to increase their deposit to the amount set by the fee resolution effective at that time.

Deposits will be refunded if a customer has timely payment of all water bills (paid within 30 days from the date billed) for a period of one year from the date of application. If the deposit is not refunded within the first year of service, the deposit will be held until service is discontinued. After service is discontinued, the deposit will be applied to the closing bill and any amount in excess of the closing bill will be refunded to the customer.

Normally a deposit is required at the time application for service is made. However, at the City's discretion an extension of time not to exceed 14 days can be allowed. If a deposit is not made within 14 days water service will be disconnected until a deposit is paid.

Deposits will be held by the City's Water Fund and will not earn interest.


Water and wastewater services are billed every month and include 3 units (2,244 gallons) of water. Additional water usage is billed per unit.

 2020 Current Rates (Residential & Commercial)
Meter size-5/8" $45.15 per month
Meter size-3/4" $45.15 per month
Meter size-1" $45.77 per month
Meter size-1 1/2" $49.20 per month
Meter size-2" $73.67 per month
Meter size-3" $77.64 per month
Meter size-4" $98.61 per month
Water usage in excess of 3 units per month $0.95 per unit
Refundable water deposit when required $100.00
Refundable water deposit when required for customers previously turned over to collections $175.00
Discount for residential and commercial water customers with e-billing (signed up to receive bills via email) $1.00 reduction each month
Wastewater charges for residential accounts
$28.52 per month/per living unit
Wastewater charges for commercial accounts $2.66 per unit
Wastewater lagoon dumping-per gallon $0.29 per gallon
Wastewater connection inspection fee $30.00

Due to weather conditions the City does not read meters from December through April during those months you will be billed for base rate only. 

Utility bills must be paid within 30 days to avoid receiving a late notice. If your payment is not received within 10 days of the late notice your account will be charged an additional $5 late fee. An additional $30 door tag fee and $30 turn off fee may be applied if payment is not received.  If you sign up for direct pay you can avoid these situations altogether. A Direct Payment Application document is available to the right as well.
You can also avoid the late fee by signing up for payment arrangements prior to the date on the late notice. A payment arrangement form can also be found to the right hand side of this page. The balance must be paid within 60 days or your service will be disconnected until the balance is paid.
If you need to change account information or disconnect services the forms can be found at the right hand side of the page.

If you have additional questions please call 541-523-6541 or email finance@bakercity.com.