Public Arts Commission


  • The 2nd Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m.
  • City Hall, Conference Room 204



Member Phone Email Term Expiration
Drew Gettle 541-519-4258 April 2026
Ellie Lamb  541-519-1513 February 2026
Sarah Wynn 307-399-9591 March 2025
Amanda Baker 541-292-6769 February 2026
Ian Crawford 530-877-0286 February 2026
Johnny Waggoner Sr.  541-519-2734 Council
Jennifer Spencer 541-524-2048 Staff

Agendas & Minutes

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The Public Arts Commission is a volunteer advisory group which became effective April 10, 2014.  Click here for Ordinance No. 3332, creating the Baker City Public Arts Commission. 

  • City Staff Representative: Jonathan Cannon, City Manager (term determined by Council)
  •  These are public meetings and all citizens are invited and encouraged to attend.
  • As stated in the ordinance, of the 5 voting members, initially, 2 will have 3-year terms (positions 1 and 2) , 2 will have 2-year terms (positions 3 and 4) and 1 will have a one-year term (position 5). At the end of each initial term, all terms will thereafter be three 3 years.

Art On Loan Program

Go Ahead

This interactive steel sculpture entitled "Go Ahead" was created by Don Herman of Baker City.  This piece was the first Art on Loan piece.  It was installed on October 6, 2016 and is located in beautiful Central Park.

Blazing Shadows

Blazing Shadows, by Corrine Vetger. This piece is located in Central Park and will be on display through Fall of 2018.

Art on Loan

Our most recent addition to the Art on Loan Program is Damhsa Geoimeadrach (Gaelic for "Geometric Dance"). This piece was created by Scotty and Tori Whiting. It is located in front of U.S. Bank in downtown Baker City, at the northeast corner of the Main Street/Washington Avenue.